I love films, and especially ones that have something unusual to say, who treat the audience seriously, but without losing that entertaining edge. So this leads us to the genre of dystopias – many of them are set in an imagined terrible future, but most often they are based around some particular issue that is relevant to the time they were written in, and are extrapolated from the problems of the present. This includes mankind’s struggle with his darker side, the constant battle between powerful minorities and disenfranchised masses, as well as the complicated challenges awaiting a growing population that faces suffering, inequality, technological domination, environmental destruction and warfare.

I built this site to share the joy, to hopefully offer interesting suggestions if you’re looking for something new. I also want to delve a little deeper into the background of some of these movies. It is fascinating to me, to discover the influences and motivations behind the ideas propagated through the media of film. There will be more on this once the basic site gets going.

As of now, the site is very new, so there is only a small amount to browse through. What I’d love to end up with is a huge list of films, including many hidden gems, so that you will always be able to find something new.

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  1. markus says:


    just stumbled over your page. nice work so far. i just want to give you some suggestions, i think some of this movies will fit right in your site :)

    they live
    1984 (BBC version from 1954)
    district 9
    panic in year zero
    dr. strangelove
    repo man
    soylent green
    strange days
    johnny mnemonic
    when the wind blows
    mad max
    the priest
    the blood of heroes
    starship troopers

    best regards


    • Vin says:

      thanks for the encouraging words, and a great list. sorry that the site has been on hiatus for so long, but the movies you’ve mentioned should definitely go on the timeline – there are a few there that I still haven’t seen, such as the early version of 1984 (will definitely check that one out!)

  2. James says:

    You should get this website going again – there is a growing demand for contect like yours. Dystopian films will be all the rage for the next decade. People have become disillusioned by the ‘clean’ Hollywood scifi.

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