• Switch Belinda McClory as Switch in The Matrix: "Not like this... not like this."
  • Charrington Cyril Cusack as Charrington in Nineteen Eighty-Four: "Oranges and lemons, say the bells of St. Clements..."
  • Winston Smith John Hurt as Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four: "Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two equals four. If that is granted all else will follow."
  • Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator: "I'll be back..."
  • Lambert Veronica Cartwright as Lambert in Alien: "I can't see a goddamn thing."
  • Alfredo Garcia Benjamin Bratt as Alfredo Garcia in Demolition Man: [confused] "Did... did you say toilet *paper*?"
  • Anton Freeman Loren Dean as Anton Freeman in Gattaca: "Our parents both died thinking they'd outlived you. I had my doubts."
  • Jayne Cobb Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb in Serenity: "I'll kill a man in a fair fight. Or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight. Or if he bothers me. Or if there's a woman. Or if I'm gettin' paid. Mostly when I'm gettin' paid."
  • President Lindberg Tommy Lister as President Lindberg in The Fifth Element: "O.K. There's a ball of fire, it's 1200 miles in diameter heading straight for Earth, and we have no idea how to stop it. THAT's the problem."
  • Eldon Tyrell Joe Turkel as Dr. Eldon Tyrell in Blade Runner: " 'More human than human' is our motto."
  • The Operative Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative in Serenity: "I have to say, Captain: I'm impressed that you would come for her yourself. And that you would make it this that outfit."
  • David Charlie Creed Mills as David in The Fifth Element: "Father, are you SURE she's a supreme being?"
  • Gordon Deitrich Stephen Fry as Gordon Deitrich in V For Vendetta: "You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it."
  • Kane John Hurt as Kane in Alien: "The pit is completely enclosed. And it's full of leathery objects, like eggs or something."
  • Leon Kowalski Brion James as Leon Kowalski in Blade Runner: "Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch!"
  • Tank Marcus Chong as Tank in The Matrix: "This is a very exciting time!"
  • Prison Chaplain Godfrey Quigley as Prison Chaplain in A Clockwork Orange: "Choice! The boy has not a real choice, has he? Self-interest, the fear of physical pain drove him to that grotesque act of self-abasement. The insincerity was clear to be seen. He ceases to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of moral choice."
  • Fog Lee Evans as Fog in The Fifth Element: "We're sending somebody in to negotiate!"
  • Irene Cassini Uma Thurman as Irene Cassini in Gattaca: " 'Unacceptable likelihood of heart failure.' I think that's what the manual says. The only trip I'll take in space is around the sun on this satellite right here.
  • Dr Lamar Xander Berkeley as Dr. Lamar in Gattaca: "You don't want to miss your flight, Vincent."
  • Clarisse Julie Christie as Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451: "Is it true that a long time ago, firemen used to put out fires and not burn books?"
  • Dallas Tom Skerritt as Dallas in Alien: "Well... some of you may have figured out we're not home yet, we're only half way there. Mother's interrupted the course of our journey. She's programmed to do that should certain conditions arise. They have. It seems that she has... intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out."
  • Roy Batty Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Blade Runner: "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave."
  • Adam Sutler John Hurt as Adam Sutler in V For Vendetta: "I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember why they need us!"

Frank Alexander - A Clockwork Orange - Patrick Magee

Frank Alexander

Patrick Magee as Frank Alexander in A Clockwork Orange: “Recruiting brutal young roughs into the police, proposing debilitating and will-sapping techniques of conditioning. Oh, we’ve seen it all before in other countries. The thin end of the wedge. Before we know where we are, we shall have the full apparatus of totalitarianism.”

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Deltoid - A Clockwork Orange - Aubrey Morris


Aubrey Morris as Deltoid in A Clockwork Orange: “What gets into you all? We study the problem. We’ve been studying it for damn well near a century, yes, but we get no further with our studies. You’ve got a good home here, good loving parents, you’ve got not too bad of a brain. Is it some devil that crawls inside of you?”

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Dr Brodsky - A Clockwork Orange - Carl Duering

Dr Brodsky

Carl Duering as Dr. Brodsky in A Clockwork Orange: “Very soon now, the drug will cause the subject to experience a death-like paralysis, together with deep feelings of terror and helplessness. One of our early test subjects described it as being like death, a sense of stifling or drowning, and it is during this period we have found that the subject will make his most rewarding associations between his catastrophic experience-environment and the violence he sees.”

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Chief Guard Barnes - A Clockwork Orange - Michael Bates

Chief Guard Barnes

Michael Bates as Chief Guard Barnes in A Clockwork Orange: “Shut your filthy hole, you scum!”

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Prison Chaplain - A Clockwork Orange - Godfrey Quigley

Prison Chaplain

Godfrey Quigley as Prison Chaplain in A Clockwork Orange: “Choice! The boy has not a real choice, has he? Self-interest, the fear of physical pain drove him to that grotesque act of self-abasement. The insincerity was clear to be seen. He ceases to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of moral choice.”

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Alex' Mum - A Clockwork Orange - Sheila Raynor


Sheila Raynor as Mum in A Clockwork Orange: “But you’ve not been to school all week, son.”

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Joe the Lodger - A Clockwork Orange - Clive Francis

Joe the Lodger

Clive Francis as Joe in A Clockwork Orange: “Look, he’s weeping now. But that’s all his craft and artfulness. Let him go and find a room somewhere else.”

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Dr. Branom - A Clockwork Orange - Madge Ryan

Dr Branom

Madge Ryan as Dr. Branom in A Clockwork Orange: “Violence is a very horrible thing. That’s what you’re learning now. Your body is learning it…You felt ill this afternoon because you’re getting better. You see, when we are healthy, we respond to the presence of the hateful with fear and nausea. You’re becoming healthy, that’s all. By this time tomorrow, you’ll be healthier still.”

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Ministerof the Interior - A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Sharp

Minister of the Interior

Anthony Sharp as Minister of the Interior in A Clockwork Orange: “Public opinion has a way of changing.”

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Tramp - A Clockwork Orange - Paul Farrell


Paul Farrell as Tramp in A Clockwork Orange: “Well, go on, do me in you bastard cowards! I don’t want to live anyway, not in a stinking world like this!”

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