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Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, by Ray Bradbury. It is a tale of an oppressive future where books are blamed as the unsettling force that makes people discontent with their lot, and undermines the stability and smooth running of society. So the books have to be burned.
The Captain Cyril Cusack as The Captain in Fahrenheit 451: "Listen to me, Montag. Once to each fireman, at least once in his career, he just itches to know what these books are all about. He just aches to know. Isn't that so?" Guy Montag Oskar Werner as Montag in Fahrenheit 451: "Behind each of these books, there's a man. That's what interests me." Clarisse Julie Christie as Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451: "Is it true that a long time ago, firemen used to put out fires and not burn books?"
Fahrenheit 451
Julie Christie

Clarisse is the woman who appears in Guy Montag’s life and makes him starts to question everything that he thinks he stands for.

Fahrenheit 451 – Clarisse Quotes

Clarisse: But why do you burn books?

Guy Montag: Books make people unhappy, they make them anti-social.

Clarisse: Do you think I’m anti-social?

Guy Montag: Why do you ask?

Clarisse: Well… I’m a teacher, not quite actually, I’m still on probation. I was called to the administration office today, and I don’t think I said the right things. I’m not at all happy about my answers.

Clarisse: My uncle says I am a veritable well of words.

Montag: Has this uncle of yours ever warned you never to speak to strangers?

Clarisse: No. He did say once if anyone asked how old I was to say I was twenty years old and light in the head. They always go together.

Montag: ‘Light in the head’?

Clarisse: Mmm. Loopy. Crazy. Anyway, you don’t frighten me.

Clarisse: Is it true that a long time ago, firemen used to put out fires and not burn books?

Guy Montag: Really, your uncle is right, you are light in the head. Put fires out? Who told you that?

Clarisse: Oh, I don’t know. Someone. But is it true did it?

Montag: Oh, what a strange idea. Houses have always been fireproof.

Clarisse: Ours isn’t.

Guy Montag: Well, then, it should be condemned one of these days. It has to be destroyed, and you will have to move to a house that is fireproof.
Clarisse: Too bad.

Guy Montag: [trying to figure out why Clarisse was fired] You must’ve said something that…

Clarisse: Oh I never got along well with the staff, they disapprove of me… I… don’t always stick to the times tables… well we have fun in my class, and they don’t like that.

Guy Montag: Well then it wasn’t the analyst. It was the staff that wanted to get rid of you because you are different. Look at that fellow over there.

Clarisse: What’s he doing?

Guy Montag: That’s the information box. He can’t make up his mind.

Clarisse: What’s he want to find out?

Guy Montag: He doesn’t want to find out anything. He knows someone who has books. So he got hold of the person’s picture and number, and is going to drop it into that box.

Clarisse: But he’s an informer!

Guy Montag: No, he’s an informant. Look at him. Like someone circling around a woman.

Clarisse: He’s putting something in his mouth.

Guy Montag: It’s a stimulant to work up his nerve.

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