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Alien Alien the movie: The deep space mining ship Nostromo intercepts an unidentified transmission on its way home from a distant prospecting mission. The crew are awakened prematurely from cryo-sleep and sent to investigate.
Ripley Sigorney Weaver as Ripley in Alien: "Wait a minute. We let it in, the ship could be infected. You know the quarantine procedures: 24 hours for decontamination." Kane John Hurt as Kane in Alien: "The pit is completely enclosed. And it's full of leathery objects, like eggs or something." Ash Ian Holm as Ash in Alien: "Bring back life form. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded."
Tom Skerritt

Dallas is the ship’s captain. Cool, calm and collected, strong and masterful, like. But things all start to go pear-shaped when he steps outside with his away team to investigate the mystery transmission. Kane brings back a xeno-lifeform; Ripley gets stroppy; Ash rebels. Before he knows it they’re even up against the ships own computer ‘Mother’.

Alien – Dallas Quotes

Dallas: Well… some of you may have figured out we’re not home yet, we’re only half way there. Mother’s interrupted the course of our journey. She’s programmed to do that should certain conditions arise. They have. It seems that she has… intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out.

Ripley: A transmission? Out here?

Lambert: What kind of a transmission?

Dallas: Acoustical beacon. It, uh… repeats at intervals of 12 seconds.

Kane: S.O.S.?

Dallas: I don’t know.

Ripley: Human?

Dallas: Unknown.

Brett: [realizing Nostromo has changed its course and they have to investigate] Well, so what?

Kane: Well, we are obligated under section eight…

Parker: I hate to bring this up but, uh, this a commercial ship, not a rescue ship…

Brett: Right.

Parker: …and it’s not in my contract to do this kind of duty. Now what about the money? If you wanna give me some money to do it, I’ll be happy to, uh, t-to, you know, oblige.

Brett: The man’s right.

Dallas: Parker…

Parker: Let’s go over the bonus situation. We haven’t – Can we just talk about the bonus situation?

Ash: I’m sorry. Can I say something?

Parker: Let’s talk about the bonus more.

Ash: There is a clause in the contract which specifically states any systematized transmission indicating a possible intelligent origin must be investigated.

Parker: I don’t wanna hear it…

Brett: We don’t know if it’s intelligent.

Parker: I wanna go home and party.

Dallas: Parker, will you just listen to the man?

Ash: On penalty of total forfeiture of shares. No money.

Dallas: You got that?

Parker: [chuckling] Well, yeah.

Dallas: All right, we’re going in.

Parker: [to Brett] Yeah, we’re going in, aren’t we?

Dallas: Okay, Ripley, we’re clean. Let us in.

Ripley: What happened to Kane?

Dallas: Something’s attached itself to him. We have to get him to the infirmary right away.

Ripley: What kind of thing? I need a clear definition.

Dallas: An organism. Open the hatch!

Ripley: Wait a minute. We let it in, the ship could be infected. You know the quarantine procedures: 24 hours for decontamination.

Dallas: He could die in 24 hours! Open the hatch.

Ripley: Listen to me. If we break quarantine, we could all die.

Lambert: Look! Would you open the goddamn hatch, we have to get him inside!

Ripley: No. And if you were in my position, you’d do the same.

Dallas: Ripley, this is an order. You open that hatch right now, you hear me?

Ripley: Yes.

Dallas: Ripley, that was an order! Do you hear me?!

Ripley: Yes, I read you. The answer is negative.

Ash: Inner hatch opened.

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