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A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange is a brutal Stanley Kubrick film, based on the Anthony Burgess novel. In the near future society is in decay, and the streets are overrun by violent gangs. The government has a new heavy-handed test project, designed to re-program these renegades, in order to free up the overcrowded prisons to make space for political prisoners.
Alex Malcolm McDowell as Alex in A Clockwork Orange: "What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolent." Deltoid Aubrey Morris as Deltoid in A Clockwork Orange: "What gets into you all? We study the problem. We've been studying it for damn well near a century, yes, but we get no further with our studies. You've got a good home here, good loving parents, you've got not too bad of a brain. Is it some devil that crawls inside of you?" Minister of the Interior Anthony Sharp as Minister of the Interior in A Clockwork Orange: "Public opinion has a way of changing."
A Clockwork Orange
Aubrey Morris

Deltoid is something akin to a social worker for Alex. He tries to get Alex onto the straight and narrow, but he has obviously seen this sort of thing many times before, and is filled with cynicism. Eventually he is forced to concede that Alex is a lost cause when things go from bad to worse

A Clockwork Orange – Deltoid Quotes

Deltoid checks on Alex who has been missing from school. He’s more than skeptical about Alex’s excuses:

Deltoid: Ah, Alex boy! Awake at last, yes? I met your mother on the way to work, yes? She gave me the key. She said something about a pain somewhere, hence not at school, yes?

Alex: A rather intolerable pain in the head, Brother Sir. I think it should be clear by this after lunch.

Deltoid: Or certainly by this evening, yes? The evening’s the great time, isn’t it, Alex?

Deltoid knows that Alex is up to no good:

Deltoid: There was a bit of a nastiness last night, yes. Some very extreme nastiness, yes. A few of a certain Billyboy’s friends were ambulanced off late, yes? Your name was mentioned, the word has got thru to me by the usual channels. Certain friends of yours were named also. Oh, nobody can prove anything about anybody as usual, but I’m warning you, little Alex, being a good friend to you as always, the one man in this sore and sick community who wants to save you from yourself!

Deltoid strikes Alex sharply in the groin. Alex gets up and adjusts his underwear. Deltoid blindly drinks water from a glass with dentures soaking inside.

Deltoid: What gets into you all? We study the problem. We’ve been studying it for damn well near a century, yes, but we get no further with our studies. You’ve got a good home here, good loving parents, you’ve got not too bad of a brain. Is it some devil that crawls inside of you?

Alex: Nobody’s got anything on me, brother, sir. I’ve been out of the rookers of the millicents for a long time now.

Deltoid: That’s just what worries me. A bit too long to be safe. You’re about due now by my reckoning. That’s why I’m warning you, little Alex, to keep your handsome young proboscis out of the dirt. Do I make myself clear?

Alex: As an unmuddied lake, sir. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer. You can rely on me, sir.

Deltoid drinks from the glass again, and sees the dentures inside. He gags.

Deltoid is rapidly losing patience with Alex:

Deltoid: You watch out, little Alex, because next time it’s not going to be the Corrective School anymore. Next time, it’s going to be the barry place and all my work ruined. If you’ve no respect for your horrible self, you at least might have some for me who’s sweated over you. A big black mark, I tell you, for every one we don’t reclaim. A confession of failure for every one of you who ends up in the stripy hole.

Deltoid’s efforts have been in vain:

Deltoid: Dear, dear, this boy does look a mess, doesn’t he? Just look at the state of him.

Policeman:Love’s young nightmare, like.

Inspector: Violence makes violence. He resisted his lawful arrestors.

Deltoid: This is the end of the line for me.

Deltoid brings the bad news, Alex is now a murderer:

Deltoid: I’ve just come from the hospital; your victim has died.

Alex: You try to frighten me. Admit so, sir. This is some new form of torture. Say it, Brother Sir.

Deltoid: It’ll be your own torture. I hope to God it’ll torture you to madness.

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    I absolutely adore Aubrey Morris in this film… his miniature part in The Wicker Man (1973) as the grave digger is also brilliant.

    He must be fairly ancient by now…

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