Starring Brion James as

General Munro

in The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element The Fifth Element is a crazy-ass sci-fi extravaganza set in a neon-ballroom universe full of lunatics. Korben Dallas is on a mission to protect the supreme being, so that she can save mankind from the ultimate evil.
Korben Dallas Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element: "I was just on my way over to see you, when this big fare fell in my lap. You know, one of these really big fares that you just can't resist?" Leeloo Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in The Fifth Element: "Me: fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you." Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg Gary Oldman as Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element: "You see, father, by causing a little destruction, I am in fact encouraging life."
The Fifth Element
General Munro
Brion James

General Munro is Korben Dallas’ ex-boss, who arm-twists him back into active service for one final special mission to save the world. Sounds a little like a Blade Runner cliché to me… (a film that Brion James also starred in!)

The Fifth Element – General Munro Quotes

General Munro: Heard you lost your job.

Korben Dallas: Oh you heard that. Don’t worry, I can get another job.

General Munro: Don’t bother, we have one for you. Major Dallas, you’ve been selected for a mission of the utmost importance.

Korben Dallas: What mission?

General Munro: Save the world.

General Munro: Any questions?

Korben Dallas: Yeah. Just one. Why me? I retired six months ago. You remember?

General Munro: Three reasons. One – as a member of the elite special forces unit of the Federated Army, you are expert in the use of all major weapons and space craft needed for this mission. Two – of all the members of your unit, you were the most highly decorated.

Korben Dallas: …and the third one?

General Munro: Of all the members of your unit, you’re the only one left alive.

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