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A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange is a brutal Stanley Kubrick film, based on the Anthony Burgess novel. In the near future society is in decay, and the streets are overrun by violent gangs. The government has a new heavy-handed test project, designed to re-program these renegades, in order to free up the overcrowded prisons to make space for political prisoners.
Alex Malcolm McDowell as Alex in A Clockwork Orange: "What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolent." Deltoid Aubrey Morris as Deltoid in A Clockwork Orange: "What gets into you all? We study the problem. We've been studying it for damn well near a century, yes, but we get no further with our studies. You've got a good home here, good loving parents, you've got not too bad of a brain. Is it some devil that crawls inside of you?" Minister of the Interior Anthony Sharp as Minister of the Interior in A Clockwork Orange: "Public opinion has a way of changing."
A Clockwork Orange
James Marcus

Georgie is one of Alex’s droogs. That is, he is a member of Alex’s gang, and goes with him on violent sprees. He is not always happy about how Alex runs things, and so attempts to challenge Alex’s position of authority, though not successfully. He does, however, get revenge when the opportunity arises after the gang has disintegrated and Georgie has found a new role in society…

A Clockwork Orange – Georgie Quotes

Georgie attempts to upset the balance of power in their gang:

Alex: Let’s get things nice and sparkling clear. This sarcasm, if I may call it such, does not become you, O my little brothers. As I am your droog and leader, I am entitled to know what goes on, eh? Now then, Dim, what does that great big horsy gape of a grin portend?

Georgie: All right, no more picking on Dim, brother. That’s part of the new way.

Alex: New way? What’s this about a new way? There’s been some very large talk behind my sleeping back, and no error.

Georgie: Well, if you must have it, have it then. We go around, shop crasting and the like, coming out with a pitiful rookerful of money each.

Dim: Pitiful rookerful.

Georgie: And there’s Will the English, in the Muscleman coffee mesto, saying he can fence anything that any malchick tries to crast. The shiny stuff, the ice, the big, big, big money is available, is what Will the English says.

Dim: Big, big money.

Alex: And what will you do with the big, big, big money? Have you not everything you need? If you need a motor car, you pluck it from the trees. If you need pretty polly, you take it.

Georgie: Brother, you think and talk sometimes like a little child.

Dim and Georgie, Alex’s old gang members, are now policemen. They have just stopped a band of tramps from beating up Alex, whom they haven’t yet recognised:

Georgie: What’s the trouble, sir?

Alex: [looks up and recognizes them] Oh no!

Dim: Well. Well, well. Well, well, well, well, if it isn’t little Alex. Long time no viddy, droog. How goes?

Alex: It’s… it’s impossible. I don’t believe it.

Georgie: Evidence of the old glazzies. Nothing up their sleeves. No magic, little Alex. A job for two, who are now of job age. The police.

Alex: The old days are dead and gone. For what I did in the past, I’ve been punished…I’ve been cured.

Dim: This is to make sure you stay cured.

[Dim and Georgie beat Alex bloody and half-drown him]

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