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in Metropolis

Metropolis Metropolis is the classic silent-movie industrial dystopia from 1927. It portrays a futuristic city comprising a two-tier society of haves and have-nots who are kept unaware of each other's existence.
Freder Gustav Frohlich as Freder in Metropolis: "I wanted to look into the faces of the people whose little children are my brothers, my sisters... Your magnificent city, Father - and you the brain of this city - and all of us in the city's light... And where are the people, father, whose hands built your city ---?" Maria Brigitte Helm as Maria in Metropolis: "HEAD and HANDS need a mediator! The mediator between HEAD and HANDS must be the HEART!!" Joh Fredersen Alfred Abel as Joh Fredersen in Metropolis: "Beginning today, I wish to be kept informed of every step taken by my son."
Heinrich George

Grot leads the workers of metropolis. However, he loses control of them once the leader of the city injects his own agent provocateur.

Metropolis – Grot Quotes

Grot reports to Joh Fredersen, his master. He has discovered some more mysterious diagrams in the pockets of some of the workers:

Grot: Two more of those damned plans, Mr. Fredersen…in the pockets of two men involved in today’s accident at the M-Machine…

Grot rants at the out of control workers:

Grot: Have you gone mad – ?? If the Heart Machine is destroyed, the entire workers’ city will be flooded -!!

Grot finally gets their attention:

Grot: Where are your children??! The city lies underwater, the shafts are completely flooded -!! Who told you to attack the machines, you idiots? Without them you’ll all die!!

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