Starring Adam Baldwin as

Jayne Cobb

in Serenity

Serenity Serenity is the conclusion to the TV series 'Firefly'. The movie pits Malcolm Reynolds and his crew against the ruthless and powerful Alliance that rules the 'inner planets' with an iron fist.
Malcolm Reynolds Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity: "I aim to misbehave." River Tam Summer Glau as River Tam in Serenity: "You take care of me, Simon. You've always taken care of me. My turn." The Operative Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative in Serenity: "I have to say, Captain: I'm impressed that you would come for her yourself. And that you would make it this that outfit."
Jayne Cobb
Adam Baldwin

Jayne Cobb is the ship’s muscle man, and he doesn’t let having a girl’s name slow him down. Not too well endowed in the brain department, he nevertheless is a vital crew member. He likes to think of himself as an opportunist mercenary, and questions captain Malcolm Reynolds at every turn but deep down he respect his authority, his unshakeable courage, and his firm but fair treatment of his crew.

Serenity: Jayne Quotes

Jayne appears, laden down under a huge pile of weapons:

Mal: Jayne, how many weapons you plannin’ on takin’? You only got the two arms.

Jayne: Well I was just excitable as to choice, like to have my options open.

Mal: I don’t plan on any shooting taking place during this job.

Jayne: Yeah well, what you plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar.

Jayne: You shoot me if they take me! [sees Mal's gun pointed at his leg] Well don’t shoot me first!

Jayne gets philosophical…

Jayne: Ain’t logical. Cuttin’ on his own face, rapin’ and murdering – Hell, I’ll kill a man in a fair fight… or if I think he’s gonna start a fair fight, or if he bothers me, or if there’s a woman, or if I’m gettin’ paid [thinks about this for a moment] Mostly when I’m gettin’ paid. But these Reavers… last ten years they show up like the bogeyman from stories. Eating people alive? Where’s that get fun?

Jayne gives Mal grief for his latest plan:

Jayne: Oh yeah, hidin’ up the Shepherd’s skirts, that’s a manful scheme.

Mal: You wanna run this ship?!

Jayne: Yes!

Mal: Well… you can’t!

Jayne: Shepherd Book used to tell me, “Can’t do somethin’ smart, do somethin’ right”.

Jayne: Cap’n's right. Can’t be thinkin’ on revenge if we’re gonna get through this.

Zoe: Do you really think any of us are gonna get through this?

Jayne: [looks around, anxiously] Well… I might.

Zoe: How much ammo do we have?

Jayne: Three full mags. And my swingin’ cod.

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