Starring Jude Law as

Jerome Eugene Morrow

in Gattaca

Gattaca Gattaca is a future dystopia in which everyone is strictly controlled according to their genetic profile. Only those with superior genes can fulfill superior roles in society. Vincent Freeman, a genetic misfit, attempts to trick the system in order to acccess the life he is forbidden from having.
Vincent Freeman Ethan Hawke as Vincent Freeman in Gattaca: "I belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now have discrimination down to a science." Irene Cassini Uma Thurman as Irene Cassini in Gattaca: " 'Unacceptable likelihood of heart failure.' I think that's what the manual says. The only trip I'll take in space is around the sun on this satellite right here. Jerome Eugene Morrow Jude Law as Jerome Eugene Morrow in Gattaca: "I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body - you lent me your dream."
Jerome Eugene Morrow
Jude Law

Jerome Eugene Morrow has the perfect DNA that is required, if you want to be one of the privileged, in the paranoid society of Gattaca. Yet there is a problem – he has had a terrible accident and now no longer has the use of his legs. He is genetically perfect… but wheelchair bound. What’s a guy to do in this situation?

Gattaca – Jerome Eugene Morrow Quotes

Jerome: I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body – you lent me your dream.

Vincent: They think I killed the mission director.

Jerome: What makes you think that?

Vincent: They found my eye lash.

Jerome: Where?

Vincent: In the corridor.

Jerome: Ah well it could be worse. They could have found it in your eye

Vincent: They’ve got my picture plastered up all over the place. I can’t turn around without seeing my own face. They’ll recognise me.

Jerome: They won’t recognise you.

Vincent: They’ll recognise me!!

Jerome: I don’t recognise you! They won’t marry the eyelash to you. they won’t believe that one of their elite would have suckered them all this time! No, no, no, we change nothing. We do as we planned. You’re Jerome Morrow, navigator 1st class.

Vincent: I’m not Jerome Morrow, I’m a murder suspect! (…) They are going to find me!

Jerome: You still don’t understand, do you? When they look at you, they don’t see you anymore, they only see me… Keep your lashes on your eyelids where they belong. How could you be so careless?

A little gallows-humour from Jerome:

Vincent: How are you Jerome?

Jerome: Not bad, Jerome.

Vincent: How the hell did you get up here?

Jerome: Oh, I could always walk, I’ve been faking it.

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