Starring Tommy Lister as

President Lindberg

in The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element The Fifth Element is a crazy-ass sci-fi extravaganza set in a neon-ballroom universe full of lunatics. Korben Dallas is on a mission to protect the supreme being, so that she can save mankind from the ultimate evil.
Korben Dallas Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element: "I was just on my way over to see you, when this big fare fell in my lap. You know, one of these really big fares that you just can't resist?" Leeloo Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in The Fifth Element: "Me: fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you." Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg Gary Oldman as Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element: "You see, father, by causing a little destruction, I am in fact encouraging life."
The Fifth Element
President Lindberg
Tommy Lister

President Lindberg is the man. But he does eventually listen to reason.

The Fifth Element – President Lindberg Quotes

Phone call from President to Korben Dallas:

President Lindberg: Major Dallas, I first would like to salute a warrior, you are a shining example of this Army’s might, in the name of the Federation and it’s territory…

Korben Dallas: Mr. President, Mr. President, any idea when you gonna be getting to the point?

President Lindberg: O.K. There’s a ball of fire, it’s 1200 miles in diameter headin straight for Earth, and we have no idea how to stop it. THAT’s the problem.

Cornelius attempts to pursuade the Pres. why big guns might not necessarily win the day:

Vito Cornelius: Because it is evil, absolutely evil.

President Lindberg: One more reason to shoot first.

Vito Cornelius: Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger.

Perhaps he even listened:

President Lindberg: Steadert.

General Staedert: Yes Sir!

President Lindberg: I have a doubt.

General Staedert: I don’t, Mr. President.

The President meets his match:

President Lindberg: Mrs. Dallas, this is the President. On behalf of the federation, I would like to thank you…

Korben’s Mother: [on the phone] Oh, please. That doesn’t even sound like him! The President’s an idiot, you don’t sound like an idiot. If you don’t wanna talk to your mother, just avoid me like usual, huh? I’ll just throw myself in traffic. I’ll just Saran Wrap myself to the bed and pretend my child is suffocating me…

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