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A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange is a brutal Stanley Kubrick film, based on the Anthony Burgess novel. In the near future society is in decay, and the streets are overrun by violent gangs. The government has a new heavy-handed test project, designed to re-program these renegades, in order to free up the overcrowded prisons to make space for political prisoners.
Alex Malcolm McDowell as Alex in A Clockwork Orange: "What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolent." Deltoid Aubrey Morris as Deltoid in A Clockwork Orange: "What gets into you all? We study the problem. We've been studying it for damn well near a century, yes, but we get no further with our studies. You've got a good home here, good loving parents, you've got not too bad of a brain. Is it some devil that crawls inside of you?" Minister of the Interior Anthony Sharp as Minister of the Interior in A Clockwork Orange: "Public opinion has a way of changing."
A Clockwork Orange
Pauline Taylor

The psychiatrist interviews Alex as a part of his ‘re-processing’ under the Ludovico technique project.

A Clockwork Orange – Psychiatrist Quotes

Alex is in the psychiatrist’s chair:

Alex: What are we gonna do? Talk about me sex life?

Psychiatrist: Oh, no. I’m going to show you some slides and you’re going to tell me what you think about them. Alright?

Alex: Jolly good. Do you know anything about dreams?

Psychiatrist: Something, yes.

Alex: Do you know what they mean?

Psychiatrist: Perhaps. Are you concerned about something?

Alex: Oh, no, no… not concerned really. But I’ve been having this very nasty dream. Very nasty.

Psychaitrist: Now then. Each of the slides needs a reply from one of the people in the picture. You tell me what you think the person would say. Alright?

Alex: Righty right.

Psychiatrist: [Changes to a slide with two people looking at a peacock] “Isn’t the plumage beautiful?”

Alex: I just say what the other person would say?

Psychiatrist: Yes.

Alex: Isn’t the plumage beautiful…

Psychiatrist: Oh yes well don’t think about it too long, just say the first thing that pops into your mind.

Alex: Cabbages, knickers, uh, it’s not got a… A BEAK!


Psychiatrist: Good.

[Changes to a slide with a women and two boys]

Psychiatrist: “The boy you always quarrelled with is seriously ill.”

Alex: My mind is a blank. Uh, and I’ll smash your face for you, yarblockos!


Psychiatrist: Good.

[Changes slide to a man climbing into a naked woman's bedroom]

Psychiatrist: “What do you want?”

Alex: Uh, no time for the ol’ in-out, love. I’ve just come to read the meter!

Psychiatrist: Good.

[Changes slide to a man in a clock store]

Psychiatrist: “You sold me a crummy watch, I want my money back.”

Alex: You know what you can do with that watch? Stick it up your ass!


Psychiatrist: Good.

[Changes slide to woman handing bird eggs to a man]

Psychiatrist: “You can do whatever you like with these.”

Alex: Eggiweggs. I would like… to smash them. And pick ‘em all up, and THROW-

[moves injured arm]

Alex: OW! Fucking hell!

Psychiatrist: Well there, that’s all there is to it. Are you alright?

Alex: Hope so. Is that the end then?

Psychiatrist: Yes.

Alex: I was quite enjoying that.

Psychiatrist: Good, I’m glad!

Alex: How many did I get right?

Psychiatrist: It’s not that kind of a test, but you seem well on the way to making a complete recovery!

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