Starring Summer Glau as

River Tam

in Serenity

Serenity Serenity is the conclusion to the TV series 'Firefly'. The movie pits Malcolm Reynolds and his crew against the ruthless and powerful Alliance that rules the 'inner planets' with an iron fist.
Malcolm Reynolds Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity: "I aim to misbehave." River Tam Summer Glau as River Tam in Serenity: "You take care of me, Simon. You've always taken care of me. My turn." The Operative Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative in Serenity: "I have to say, Captain: I'm impressed that you would come for her yourself. And that you would make it this that outfit."
River Tam
Summer Glau

River Tam is Simon Tam‘s little sister. She might appear to be fragile, unpredictable and possibly crazy, but she is intelligent and extremely dangerous. She was captured and experimented on by the Alliance (and who knows exactly what they did to her brain?), but now she seems to be endowed with some very potent superpowers. Maybe she was being conditioned as some kind of psychic assassin? Anyway, after being rescued by her brother, she is now a fugitive from the Alliance, on the run aboard Serenity. Her brain contains dangerous secrets that could undermine the very fabric of the Alliance, and they will stop at nothing to find her.

Serenity: River Quotes

River is about to embark on a dangerous raid with Mal and his crew. She is recruited for her possible psychic talents, at the very least her ability to detect danger at the earliest opportunity:

Mal: Hey little one. Understand your part in all this?

River: Do you?

Mal: This is what I do, darlin’. This is what I do.

The crew have landed on Miranda. The natives are all dead, and they are inside River’s mind:

River: Run-tse duh shang-dee, ching dai-wuhtzo… make them stop! They’re everywhere. Every city, every… every house, every room; they’re all inside me! I can hear them all and they’re saying… NOTHING! GET UP! Please, get up! Wuo-shang mayer, maysheen byen shr-to. Please God, make me a stone.

Jayne: She is startin’ to damage my calm.

Zoe: Jayne!

Jayne: She’s right! Everybody’s dead!… This whole world is dead for no reason!

Mal introduces River to the pilot’s seat:

Mal: Ain’t all buttons and charts, little albatross. Know what the first rule of flying is? Well I s’pose you do, since you already know what I’m ’bout to say.

River: I do. But I like to hear you say it.

Mal: Love. Can know all the math in the ‘verse but take a boat in the air that you don’t love? She’ll shake you off just as sure as a turn in the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughtta fall down…tell you she’s hurtin’ ‘fore she keens…makes her a home.

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