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Metropolis Metropolis is the classic silent-movie industrial dystopia from 1927. It portrays a futuristic city comprising a two-tier society of haves and have-nots who are kept unaware of each other's existence.
Freder Gustav Frohlich as Freder in Metropolis: "I wanted to look into the faces of the people whose little children are my brothers, my sisters... Your magnificent city, Father - and you the brain of this city - and all of us in the city's light... And where are the people, father, whose hands built your city ---?" Maria Brigitte Helm as Maria in Metropolis: "HEAD and HANDS need a mediator! The mediator between HEAD and HANDS must be the HEART!!" Joh Fredersen Alfred Abel as Joh Fredersen in Metropolis: "Beginning today, I wish to be kept informed of every step taken by my son."
Rudolf Klein-Rogge

Rotwang is the crazed inventor who creates the human-replica robot that Joh Fredersen uses to sow discord among the underclasses of his city. Rotwang however, views Joh with contempt and plans to use his creation for his own purposes including Joh’s undoing.

Metropolis – Rotwang Quotes

Joh tries to placate the angry Rotwang who is looking at Hel’s grave:

Joh: Let the dead rest in peace, Rotwang…For you, as for me, she is dead…

Rotwang: For me, she is not dead, Joh Fredersen, – for me, she lives — !

He intends to resurrect her, into the robot:

Rotwang: Isn’t it worth the loss of a hand to have created the man of the future, the Machine-Man? ! Give me another 24 hours – and no one, Joh Fredersen, no one will be able to tell a Machine-Man from a mortal! The woman is mine, Joh Fredersen! The son of Hel was yours!

Rotwang betrays his contempt for Joh to the audience, and hints at his plan to double-cross Joh and use his own schemes against him:

Rotwang: You fool! Now you will lose the one remaining thing you have from Hel – your son

Rotwang exposes Joh’s plan to the captured Maria:

Rotwang: Joh Fredersen wants to let those in the depths use force and do wrong, so that he can claim the right to use force against them….When you spoke to your poor brothers, you spoke of peace, Maria…Today, a mouthpiece of Joh Fredersen is inciting them to rebel against him…

Maria: She will destroy their belief in a mediator!

Rotwang: …but I have tricked Joh Fredersen! Your double does not obey his will – only mine. And I tricked Fredersen twice over! For I concealed from him that his son wants to be your brothers’ mediator – and loves you!

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