Tech Update: Theme Mangling and a custom WordPress Plugin

Hi there, here’s the latest techie update for the website! The background code is now finished (though I’ll probably make further tweaks, as I inevitably get restless programmer’s fingers). I’ve coded a handy little WordPress plug-in which automatically generates those little square icons you’ll be seeing everywhere, with pop-up panels and links. The idea is that the front page can have a strip of movie icons, each of which has a little pop-up info panel, and hyperlinks to the relevant movie. The code is recursive which means you can have popups within popups. I’ll use that to show the main characters in each movie. This was my first attempt at a WordPress plugin so it’s very simple, but it looks nice, and will allow you to randomly zip around the site with ease :-)

The next step for this to work was to create a new set of pages for each individual movie character, and therefore, a new ‘Characters’ entry on the menu. This means we now have an extended area for information about each film. Currently there’s only one movie up there, (V For Vendetta) so I’ve filled in these extra pages with some quotes from each character, and also added a nice compact “Cast and Characters’ panel to the movie page, using the same plugin. I’ve also further mangled the original WordPress theme ‘Shadows’ (which was great already but I couldn’t resist tinkering): for example I’ve added a feature which themes each Movie and Character page appropriately, to the movie it belongs to – which allows me to have some fun creating themed header graphics.

Potentially these extra character pages gives us a whole lot of extra room should it be needed, to go into more depth about the movie. And on that note, I’ve been finding out that there is a whole lot more to the first movie I posted, V For Vendetta – it has an intriguing history, so check back soon for more information on that one. Also, now that the code framework is in place, I’m all set for the next few movie write-ups. What are they? A couple of personal favourites – stay tuned, you’ll find out in the next few days.


  1. Some guy that got felt up by the TSA says:

    Did you ever release this plugin to github or

    • Vin says:

      hi, thanks for asking, no I never released the plugin. Life took a sudden turn for the busier, I took on a new demanding job, neglected this site and unfortunately never had time to get the code up to scratch for a public release. If you think it could be useful I may take some time out to do it.

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