The Terminator

Directed by James Cameron, 1984

James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michale Biehn

The Terminator Summary

The Terminator is an unstoppable robot assassin who has been sent back in time from ‘the future’ on a special mission. He works for Skynet, a sentient computerised security system (created by Cyberdyne Systems), that has inevitably taken over the world. After achieving self-awareness Skynet decided that humans are the problem, and rebelled against its creators. What is it with these AI systems with awesome military might that then turn rogue? – this always seems to happen. When will we learn?!

5 Reasons To Watch The Terminator

  1. The classic line: “I’ll be back”
  2. The ominous warning for mankind on the path to creating Skynet
  3. The 80′s overtones
  4. The spiralling time-travel storyline
  5. Arnie

The Terminator Trailer

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