Directed by Ridley Scott, 1979

Ridley Scott
Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt

Alien Summary

The deep space mining ship Nostromo is on its way home from a distant prospecting mission. While still crossing the remote depths of space, the journey is interrupted and the crew awakened prematurely from cryo-sleep. The ship’s systems have been alerted to an unidentified transmission and the crew are sent to investigate.

5 Reasons To Watch Alien

  • The John “my stomach hurts” Hurt moment
  • The suspense – there’s a big scary alien that hides in the shadows
  • The horror! Who’s gonna be next?
  • See how well a proper movie from the 70′s stands the test of time
  • See what inevitably happens in deep space when corporations are allowed to run spaceships

Alien Themes

What makes Alien a Dystopia?

You know what? It kinda isn’t. It’s sci-fi survival horror, the best of its kind. But then again, this one sneaks up on you. First of all we’re looking at a regular sci-fi setup, and then E.T. makes an appearance. But this isn’t any old extra terrestrial. It’s a rampaging wildebeest of genetically-mutating acid-spewing unstoppable carnage. And guess what? ‘The company’ wants it. And is prepared to sacrifice anyone who gets in its way.

But then we discover that this may have been the plan all along – ‘the company’ has secretly stashed an android on board, replacing one of the regular crew at the last minute. His priorities are the company’s priorities and he is hell bent on bringing this biological horror back to the company labs, so that they can… well, who knows? Later, in the sequels, there are rumblings about “biological weapons research”, but all the crew know at this point is that they’ve been set up, and are expendable.

A reality dominated by corporate operations (of ‘military-industrial-complex’ proportions, where they command trillion dollar gigantic space craft), in which people are mere ‘human resources’ to be used in the relentless pursuit of profit via destruction? So yeah, on second thoughts, it qualifies.

Alien Trailer

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