The Fifth Element

Directed by Luc Besson, 1997

Luc Besson
Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman

The Fifth Element Summary

The Fifth Element is a crazy-ass sci-fi extravaganza set in a neon-ballroom, primary colour children’s crayon-set universe full of lunatics. You might initially be forgiven for thinking that this larger than life, loud and proud society bears no resemblance to a dystopia. That is, until the ultimate anti-being turns up to threaten the very existence of the universe, and in response the Judge-Dredd style uber-police storm in to recruit Corben Dallas to save ‘em all before the paranoid military super-fleet nuke everything that moves.

5 Reasons To Watch The Fifth Element

  1. Glorious visuals (sweeping urban vistas, weird aliens, giant spaceships)
  2. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s ridiculous costumes
  3. Gary Oldman as the OTT super-villain, mock-Texan accent included
  4. The sparkly one-liners
  5. Flying Taxis!

The Fifth Element Themes

What Makes The Fifth Element a Dystopia?

Well… perhaps it isn’t one? But it is such an entertaining film, and scrapes through with enough ideas to get away with posting about it here. And it is a good opportunity to take note of the kinds of totalitarian memes that are becoming normalised within the media, even through films that are intended as pure entertainment without carrying any political message.

So, what’ve we got?

The Fifth Element - Police

A scary ultra-armoured and fully armed police force that look like something out of Judge Dredd. They can look into your appartment with some kind of x-ray device to make sure that you have you hands up on the circles on the wall, not to mention what they do if your insurance lapses, ie: they will riddle your hover-taxi with bullets.

The Fifth Element - Military

A trigger-happy military force, who have the President’s ear, and who’s most inspired way of saving the world is with nuclear missiles.

The Fifth Element - Multipass

A universal ID-card (‘multipass’) that you need carry around at all times to do anything. (“your papers, please!”)

The Fifth Element Trailer

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